Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sleep to Dream

I slept for about 11 or 12 hours last night.  I was absolutely exhausted and the Pens were sucking.  I thought to myself, "I need to go to sleep."  I guess now and then, I have to put myself into a mini-coma to reboot.  My body is getting the crap beat out of it, and I have to reboot myself.


  1. Uh...I think a combo of chemo and a Z-Pack is enough to knock anybody out. I know Z-Packs do it for me on their own.

    Now is the time to sleep. If you're tired, lie down. Seriously: If you feel guilty about it, you're only wasting your time. I know it's frustrating as fuck, but it's *temporary*. You will eventually be able to walk from the bathroom to the couch without needing a toes-up. Promise.

  2. Wash keeps forgetting and learning the hard way; when your body says "rest" REST, or it comes back way harder in the end.

    You're fighting a lot, fuck 'em if they begrudge you your nap.

    *hugs* Hope there is something good on Netflix for you today.