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This article, written by Peggy Orenstein, is probably the game-changer in how we talk about breast cancer.  This is one of the best articles about breast cancer I have ever read.

This excellent post was written by Lisa Bonchek Adams, a woman with Stage IV breast cancer.  When you encounter one of those stupid Facebook "breast cancer awareness" games, please send them this link.

Al Jazeera recently did a piece about pink-washing, and she interviewed Susan Love, Lisa Bonchek Adams and Gayle Sulik.

The Cancer Cultures' Komen By the Numbers

Rachel died from metastatic breast cancer.  Prior to her death, she went after Komen, its numbers and how little the organization actually provides to research.

Nancy Brinker gets pay raise

One of the many, many reasons why I despise the Komen Foundation.

Stop pinkwashing the NFL.

The NFL is a huge pink-washing offender.

I hate breast cancer awareness month

S.E. Smith wrote an excellent piece about the problem that is Pinktober.  Loved this one. 

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