Put your $$$ to excellent use

This is the fundraising page for Lisa Bonchek Adams, who has metastatic breast cancer. 

This is the Susan Love Research Foundation, and its page specifies that $.85 of every dollar donated "goes directly to prevention research for the cause of breast cancer."   

This is Stand Up 2 Cancer, and its page states that 100 percent of its public donations go towards supporting "ground-breaking" research.

Finally, Metavivor is the charity near and dear to my heart.  100 percent of donations goes toward metastatic breast cancer research, which is the breast cancer that kills.

Also, I recommend everyone to research any charities on Charity Navigator to see closely where your money goes.  I am anti-Komen, but I'm far from giving up on raising money for breast cancer RESEARCH.  Not, awareness.  If the charity's main mission is awareness, run the opposite direction please.

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