Sunday, July 14, 2013

What's been keeping me busy lately

In early April, the boyfriend and I adopted a new puppy to keep the Boomer dog company.  Boomer was acting really needy and wanted my attention all the time.  I figured having a brother or sister would be good for her and maybe even help her socialize better with other dogs.  

We adopted our new puppy from the Animal Rescue League.  I went to the shelter, thinking, "No way we're getting a puppy again.  Absolutely, no.  Let's find a young dog that's already outgrown some of the puppy phases."

Then we saw a litter of supposedly rottie and pit mixes, and we adopted this little 8-week-old mutt.  

From the very beginning, Boomer has been really attentive toward Mal, so much so I started calling Mal Boomer's little baby.  She did act like a mama dog to Mal - correcting her (biting the puppy's scruff) and grooming her (licking her eyelids, what?).

Little one, I have so much to teach you.

Three months have gone by, and to my surprise, the little baby puppy isn't growing as big as I thought she would.  When the rescue said pit rottie mix, you'd think this dog was going to be around sixty to eighty pounds.  I figured that would be an even match for the Boomer dog, though right away I noticed Mal's paws weren't that big.  When we had Boomer, as a pup, her paws were ginormous, like clown paws.  Mal's always seemed tiny in comparison.

Boomer and Mal do get along well.  They take turns chasing each other or snarling like they are big and bad (ha!).

Food Provider, bring me some treats.

I love barking at absolutely nothing.

Here are some blurry action shots of my girls, aka the Bitches, aka the creatures that make me smile.


I'm so glad they have each other.  Dogs are social creatures, pack animals.  It's nice that Boomer has another dog in her pack.  She can teach Mal Pup/Little One/Baby Girl/Pupperoni the ways of the world.  Boomer has already taught Mal has to guard the front door, bark at absolutely nothing outside and to watch the door when I go into the bathroom, just in case something happens to the Food Provider on the toilet.  

I am so grateful for these furry companions in my life.  I really needed a creature for me to love on, dote on and just shower with affection, and most importantly, they have each other.

Boomer, you are my favorite pillow.

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