Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Maggie!

This precious beagle you see a super young me holding there is Maggie.  Mags.  The Beags.  Un beagle.  She turned 10 years old today.  My parents got this spitfire of a beagle in 2003 from my uncle's friend in Louisville, Ky.  When they brought her home, she was so tiny with the floppiest beagle ears and the loudest AROOOOO.  

For the first almost year of her life, I was at home with the beagle during the day and worked at Blockbuster at nights when my stepmom came home from her day job.  When Maggie was about 5 months old, I went on a week-long trip to New Orleans to visit my friend Amy.  

Upon my return, Maggie shunned me.  I was the last to come into the kitchen, and she greeted my dad and my stepmom, but when she saw me, Maggie turned around and walked away.  The next day, she peed in the house three times, and she hadn't had an accident in the house in months.  Revenge pees.

Maggie is a great dog, and I've missed her since my dad retired to Florida.  

I hope she is enjoying her beagle retirement, too.  I know her "niece" Boomer misses her something awful.

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