Monday, July 15, 2013

Running Update

I'm two weeks into my Fleet Feet's No Boundaries 5K training program.  I'm still alive!  

Yesterday, I did my running intervals at 4 pm, when it was around 90 degrees out.   Before I went out into my neighborhood, head to toe in my newly acquired running gear, I kept hearing that little voice, "It's too hot, Lara.  Don't do it.  Stay inside and be comfortable." 

I fought through that voice and did the run.  Well, it wasn't much of a run, more like a walk and a pained jog.  The weather was absolutely awful, though, duh.  It is in the middle of July, which is not exactly known for comfortable weathers.  Still, I went outside and did the suggested run/walk intervals.   According to the handy app on my phone, my pace was about 18 minutes a mile.  (You gotta start somewhere, right?)

When I feel silly running outside, I try to adapt this mindset.

I came back to my house, sweating and slightly nauseous.  Also, I was proud.  I disregarded the voice and went outside and did something beyond difficult.  I came back home feeling accomplished and really happy that I followed through.  I didn't quit, and my muscles ached.  That 42 minutes I just spent sweating and trudging along the streets of my neighborhood, I accomplished something that would have been impossible a year ago or two years ago.

My body is finally working with me, not just plotting to end my life.  

Once I start concentrating more on my form as I run, I imagine I will soon get to the point where running will be my zen.  It's already starting to reach that point.   My body is capable of greatness, not just tragedy.

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