Thursday, June 20, 2013


The most popular post of mine seems to be the one where I ranted about the sociopath, pathetic excuses of human beings who fake having cancer online.  Seriously, it's a thing.  Apparently people look up "Cara fake cancer" a lot more than I realized or had hoped for.  Unless it's just Cara looking herself up online and going, "Blast, I thought I befriended and fooled all the people who outed me!"   Whatever it is, that page still gets a lot of views.  Hi Cara, are you reading this?  Remember me?


If you want to know the whole back story of Cara's lies, please visit her former blog, which she no longer has access to.  If you think, "Oh who cares, just move on.  Let this girl get on with her life," then please visit this blog.  Cara is back to blogging, and I have no doubt she'll suck so many people into her web of lies.  That girl wouldn't know the truth even if it bit her on the ass.  I'll be very amused if she sends her tumblr friends to leave nasty messages on here.  

I updated the post to reflect the following information:

During the time Amelia faked being in a coma, which ultimately led to her being outed as a faker, there was a girl named Sydney Harrington, who was supposedly in a coma, fighting for her life.  Cienna Madrid wrote about this moment in her feature story about my friend:

Then in May 2011, tragedy struck Valerie's support group: Kate, a 19-year-old leukemia patient who'd recently undergone a bone marrow transplant, fell into a coma. 
"The rest of us rallied around her," Valerie says. "We called her friends and family. It was dire." 
While they posted to her Facebook page, prayed, and round-robinned the loved ones at Kate's hospital bedside, tragedy struck again: A second woman in the group fell comatose.

Yeah, except, that's 100 percent fictitious.  There is no "Kate" or Sydney Harrington, aka syd-vicious-xoxo.  Pictures were found of the actual person who was in the images claiming to be Sydney Harrington.  Apparently comas are like catnip to fake cancer bloggers.  They can't resist them (seriously read Cienna's story, even Cara faked a coma).  I do find it sadly amusing that one fake cancer blogger's fake coma turned out to be the downfall of a second fake cancer blogger.  

Also, I thought it was Amelia who was jess.nicks sending my friend nasty messages on her flickr.  Nope, that was just some psycho bitch Katie Blackwell who was obsessed with harassing a cancer patient for several years.   Let me repeat myself: this young, 20-something girl, was obsessed with harassing a cancer patient.  She left messages on her flickr, saying that everyone was hoping that my friend, a breast cancer patient, would just die.  I mean, who does that?  A sad, sorry bitch who needs to be locked away in a padded cell so she can't be a danger to herself and others.  Katie, are you reading this, too?  I think you're the scariest of them all.  The amount of time you devoted to making my friend's life miserable was astounding and mind-blowing.  You visited her blog dozens of times.  She has an IP tracker on her blog, you sociopath.

So there you go, never a dull moment, huh?  I want to reassure anyone that my friend that I've been referencing to is 100 percent real.  I've met her.  I've even seen her chest.  Rawr.

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