Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Outfit 11

The proportions of this picture are off, but I broke my tripod.  Unfortunately, this is the best I can do.  Anyway,  I wore this to work today.  I really love this shirt and regret not buying it in different colors when I had the chance.  I really love the detail of the top, especially the sheer insert.  This shirt makes me think of the 40s or maybe 50s... subtle sexy perhaps?  Rowr.

It's hard to tell from the distorted picture (my left arm is not that tiny, eek) but I'm wearing a pair of black Mary Jane heels.  I fell in love with these shoes that I ran back (well, I took my car) and bought the same pair in brown.  Compared to the brown monstrosity that was my last outfit, I like this one so much better.  It's girly, has interest and shows that I have a figure.  I'd give the beige brown outfit a C, and this one a B, maybe a B+.  I can do better.

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