Friday, December 2, 2011

Outfits 1 and 2

Work Lara

I wore this outfit yesterday to the office.  If I had to describe the style for this ensemble, business prep?  This isn't exactly fashion forward but I think it looks like a nice, put-together outfit.

Casual Lara

This is today's outfit.  Apparently I like solid-colored sweaters.  Another thing I like, scratch that, LOVE are those grey Fergalicious boots.  I hate Fergie's music but her footwear is pretty awesome.  I have a pair of grey Fergalicious flats, but anyway.  I digress.  This is my first pair of skinny jeans and as usual, I'm late to the game.  I am a fan of the skinny jeans.  

Oh my stars, did I just admit that I'm a skinny jeans fan?

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