Saturday, December 3, 2011

Culture Shop

One of my favorite shops to find accessories, as of late, has been the Culture Shop in the South Side.  When I was a Baldy McBalderson, I mainly wore two knit hats that I bought from there: a white & black one, and a multi-colored one.  I loved these hats because they were so over-sized and hid the fact that I was bald amazingly well.  I just looked like a little hippy girl in these hats.  When I looked int the mirror while wearing these hats, I didn't look like a sickie.  

Can't tell I'm bald here, right?  RIGHT?
A couple of months ago, I found my new favorite accessory from the Culture Shop: a soft, purple scarf with black skull and crossbones on it.  I love how the scarf is a mixture of feminine and bad-ass.  If I wear it with a solid colored sweater or t-shirt, it just immediately makes it so much more interesting.  I also like things that cover my neck scar, too.  Eventually, I"ll get over feeling self-conscious about my neck but eh, I'm not there yet.

I went to the Culture Shop today to see if I could find a scarf for my friend Nikki but unfortunately those scarves were no longer there.  Curses!  I did finda pair of earrings that I fell in love with (below).  Apparently, I'm developing a thing for skull and crossbones.  As long as this thing doesn't evolve into leather and studs, I think my recent fascination with them is okay.  

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