Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Outfit 8

Headless Lara!  Ahhh.

I did a shit job taking this self-portrait because hello, no face.  Hell, upon closer look, maybe that doesn't matter because it's probably the best picture of an outfit I have taken so far.  Heck, I might even continue taking headless pictures of myself. I really like this style of top, especially the bow detail.  The chunky bracelet is from the Patricia collection, aka my mom.  I inherited a lot of her costume jewelry, including her love of costume jewelry.  If I had to change anything about this outfit, I think I would nix the biker boots.  I should have worn heels or flats with this, and it would have been ultra girly (I think?).  I wanted to mix feminine and masculine in this outfit, but I missed the mark.  (The mark, of course, being a nice cohesive outfit, haha.)

I'm getting there.   

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