Thursday, January 6, 2011


I barely slept last night either.  Sonofabitch.  This cold has taken a hold of me and gotten in a good punches. 

Bam!   There goes my chest.  Cough, cough.

Bam!  There goes my nose.  Sniffle and then repeat infinity.

Because of my lack of sleep and the fact that my stress level is at a 10, I had to call off work today.  I just couldn't handle a trip to the hospital (another test, another shot, another yelp in pain), a cold, work and the puppy.  Some times, something has to give.  The lack of sleep has made me irritable and ready to strangle someone. 

My neighbors have been really helping me out during this time, especially with my puppy.  The mom is the absolute sweetest lady I have ever met in my life.  She sent flowers to my house on my first day of chemo.  She has six sisters and tells me how close they all are and how they live close by.  One day I'm going to ask her, "What is it truly like to be close to your sister?  I really want to know."  Hahaha, oh stop Lara. 

My neighbor's dog is the awesome little pooch who has been tiring out my puppy.  I love this dog.  I really do.  Today Boomer spent 40 minutes wrestling with Jonesy .  Next time I see Jonesy, I am giving him a big ole hug and scratch behind the years.  After her play date with Jonesy, Boomer spent over an hour sleeping on my chest, then lap and now at the end of the couch.  I've been getting so frustrated at her and tired of her. 

During the rough periods, I need to take a deep breath and remember to appreciate the small things....

Like a friendly neighbor.

Like a puppy who dreams often, and I always imagine she's chasing leaves or perhaps, Jonesy.

Like a crappy movie such as Eat, Pray, Love but still appreciate it for the sexy Javier Bardem (rowr) and the scenery.

Even a cheesy picture of my bald self but with a puppy in my lap.

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  1. OMG! Where did you get that sweatshirt? I need one just like it!

    Oh, wait. That's your new philosophy on life, right?

    Seriously, you're still beautiful.