Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have several plans already forming as to what I want to do after I am done with chemotherapy and radiation (if everything goes as planned, that should be in May or June?).  The first plan: after I am done with this cancer schmancer bullshit, I am going to go on a nice long vacation.  I want to go somewhere warm and relaxing.  Basically, I want to have a vacation that's so nice and relaxing that my brain constantly goes, "Ahhhhh."  Even though I am not a fan of swimming or laying in the sun, I want to go to some paradise for awhile. 

I don't care how much money it takes or the fact I burn like a mofo just spending a half hour outside.  I will find the money, and I will just spend msot of the time under an umbrella.  I don't even care my one boob is significantly different from my non-cancer boob.  If anyone is staring at my chest long enough to notice there's a difference, then I'll make them buy me a drink.  Wait, I don't drink anymore.  I'll make them buy me a salad.  Oh yeah.

The other big decision I have come to: I am done fundraising for the sake of breast cancer awareness.  I don't know about you but I am more than aware of breast cancer, and I think pretty much everyone else is as well.  I still plan on doing Race for the Cure every year, especially since I'm a pink-shirt.  I think it will be cool to still do the race and see thousands of people who hate breast cancer as much as me.  However, I want to find a foundation that donates directly to research or maybe helping anyone who has cancer who is underinsured or not insured at all. 

Cancer has definitely opened my eyes on so many things.  I want to either fundraise for cancers that don't have a lot of awareness, like pancreatic cancer or colon cancer.  They don't get a lot of the marketing slice of the pie.  Why is that?  Because the pancreas and colon isn't as sexy as boobs?  Ugh.  I definitely want to help those affected by cancer whose finances are being wrecked by medical bills.  Those people not only have to worry about a deadly disease like cancer, they are just trying to stay afloat.  When I get better and start on my own crusade, those are the people I want to help.  If you can alleviate someone's financial stress, you are doing a world of good for their physical stress. 

I also wouldn't mind doing public speaking about being a 30 year old with breast cancer.  I would love love love to dispel the popular belief that young women can't get breast cancer because that's just not true.  It's not common but it's definitely not rare.  This will probably sound like I'm full of myself but I think God is setting on me a path.  As the annoying cliche goes, everything happens for a reason.  I'm beginning to believe that God has finally let me know what my path is, and it's up to me to start the real journey. 

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