Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 15


I don't know when it's going to happen but as of right now, I am not bald yet.

Stress, thy name is Lara.


  1. I think you should keep dying it crazy colors

  2. We waited until Wash's just started coming out. Took about 3? weeks best as I can recall.

    When I found a "hair bunny" the size of a tangerine in the office I told him it was time to clip it off.

    For now, enjoy it, or else learn to act *really* surprised when someone comments on it,
    "Oh my GODS! You mean my HAIR is coming out?!! Oh no! I'm melting!!"
    Kids actually find that shit funny. And if people can't find it funny, fuck 'em they don't have cancer!


  3. Shannon - You're right. Maybe this is a sign I should try out pink or blue.

    Tashi - I'm strangely fascinated by how it's going to happen when I lose my hair. Is it going to be slow? I've heard from some BC gals that it's quick. Am I going to look like an extra from a horror movie? Cancer has made me even more interested in the human body.

  4. It started out slowly, with a few hairs coming from the area that was radiated; then after a week or so clumps started coming out; it looked like a "hair bunny". At the point when the clumps started coming out we shaved his head. I checked back, it was on weeks 2-3 of the radiation/chemo.