Friday, August 17, 2012

My dad

Last night, I was driving through an area of Pittsburgh that I'm not familiar with, and surprise surprise: I got lost.  Not only did I get lost, I was lost in The Hood and my car was dangerously low on gas.  Lifetime movies start out in similar scenarios:

The last time anyone saw Lara, she was driving in a bad part of town.  She stopped, asked for directions, never to be seen again.

You know what I did in this situation after driving around for probably 20 minutes without a clue as to where I was or how to get to my ultimate destination: I called my daddy.  That's right.  This self-respecting 32-year-old woman called her father to whine, "Daaaaad, I'm so lossssst, and I'm in The Hood."  God bless my father.  

He stayed on the phone with me and from good old Tampa, steered me in the right direction.  (My boyfriend called me while I was on the phone with my dad, and he was the one who ultimately got me to ModCloth.)  My dad kept the remarks like, "Why don't you get a GPS or hell, a smart phone?" to himself, which makes me even more appreciative.  What a good father.  In his retirement, he helped his technology-lacking daughter to get where she needed to be.

To my father, I say thank you.  You are awesome.

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  1. Very cool, I'm so glad to read that there is someone else out there that doesn't have a GPS or smart phone, lol