Friday, July 6, 2012

Reconstruction with Expanders

A lot of people have asked me what exactly does reconstruction via expanders entails?  I have had to explain to some that boobs don't happen overnight (I wish!), and that it is a long process designed to stretch out your skin.  While I have been taking pictures of my boobs or foobs for my own personal reference, I won't ever post them online.  I'm willing to tell people about breast cancer but showing pictures of my chest is the one thing I'm uncomfortable with.  

The first picture is me several weeks after my reconstruction (since I don't see any drains coming out of me, it's at least a week and a half after my surgery).  Not a flattering picture of me since it looks like I have a wet spot on my boob, but no, just antibiotic cream.  The expanders created the semblance of boobs after the surgery so I wasn't completely flat.

Look mom, no boobs.
Every week, I go into the plastic surgeon's office and get my chest expanded.  The following picture is after two expansions, so the chest is getting a bit bigger.  All in all, I think I have had four so far.  

Grow, boobs, grow!

When I go in for an expansion, they take me back to one of the mini surgery rooms.  The doctor has me lay down on this bed.

Always bring a book or something to entertain you.


... becomes this.

This saline solution will soon be in my chest.

The beauty of science.

As the needle is placed in my chest and the saline is going in, I just stare up at the light and go to my happy place.

This is the face of someone who hates mid-day appointments, and having to wait well over an hour after a scheduled appointment time.  


Any questions?

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