Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Outfit 6

I just wore this outfit today to work.  I'm wearing dark skinny jeans, a gigantic cream-colored sweater, and these fuzzy comfy tan boots.  Once again, I'm wearing a sweater that really doesn't show my shape too well.  I'm hoping that the skinny jeans play off the bulky sweater.  Despite it being big, it really is oh so soft.  I feel like I'm wearing a hug!

Also, I need to work on my makeup skills.  I don't think I'm good at it yet.  I'm afraid I look like a clown whore.   Eye makeup is too dark,as is my blush.  Repeat - clown whore.

1 comment:

  1. ooh, i like this! it looks ridiculously comfortable.

    i just recently started getting more adventurous with makeup too, and i was really worried that i would look clowny and whore-ish. i think there are ways to be subtle while still "making an impact" with your makeup. i get inspiration from in her makeup section. i don't do my makeup NEARLY as crazy as she does, but i definitely feel more adventurous after looking at some pics of her totally pulling off bright pink and orange eye shadow.

    PS your smile in this one is great!