Friday, May 20, 2011

Last Night

I went to my boyfriend's company dinner last night, which meant that I dressed up for two nights in a row.  A personal record... I don't know if I should be proud of that fact or sad.  Eh, I guess that's what happens when you're a writer who primarily works from home?  Haha.  Anyway.

This isn't too far off from the face I make when you take my picture.

During the Chinese auction, I said to my boyfriend: "I don't think I have ever won anything before.  I'm not getting my hopes up."

Him: "I always win at these things."

Me: "Sorry that my bad luck is going to rub off on you."

Him: "You're with me now, baby.  I'm a winner."

Ten minutes later - we won a Wii Bundle and a Wii Fit.  I about peed myself from excitement.  He smiled and nodded at me, like, "See, I'm always right."  

The boyfriend and I now have a Playstation 3 and a Wii.  We are never going to leave the house again, hahaha.  It's not like we got out much to begin with.  If you're looking for me or my boyfriend, we're probably inside playing games and not getting tan.

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