Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I did Today

I went grocery shopping today with a clear goal in my mind: to spread my dollar further and to have meals prepared for myself after my chemotherapy.  Today I made a three-bean turkey chili in the crock pot because I was looking for something high in protein and easy to make.  I split it up in threes, so when I unfreeze the certain package, I'll have both lunch and dinner.

I also made a variation of pasta e fagiloli that I found online at Budget Bytes.  The recipe called for green beans but I decided to do chopped up green peppers instead.  I will definitely make this one again and know what slight tweaks I would make to it next time.  I put in kidney beans and couldn't find white beans as she suggested, so I bought Great Northern Beans.  I think I'll just do a black bean or red kidney bean.  I also think I'll do a tri-color rotini, and add one more carrot.  Needs more color.

Cooking is not my forte.  I've always been scared to cook.  Well, to be honest: I have been scared to try to cook.  I need to get over these fears and take control.  I'm now at the point where I need to take control of what goes in muh' bellie.  Cancer is forcing me to STOP being so lazy and indifferent about what I eat.  My diet is going to play a big part in my recovery and life thereafter.  Knowing this, I feel very happy about what I was able to do today. 

I feel the transformation happening already.

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