Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spoke too soon

Pretty sure my hair is going to fall out tomorrow or Christmas Eve.  My scalp is super sensitive and has been hurting like a mofo.  I have never had my scalp hurt before.  I know the whole cancer and chemo thing is real, especially since I've had two treatments already.  Once I become bald, it's going to become real for everyone else.  That's when I'm going to "look sick."

It's beginning to look like a bald Christmas.  


  1. That sucks and I can't imagine how it feels. Just remember: Be kind to yourself. There is no wrong reaction you can have to this development.

  2. Sucks. Is there anything you can put on your scalp to make it less irritated?

  3. Maybe something like a towel in the freezer for a while?