Friday, December 10, 2010

"Faster! Faster! Faster would be better!"

Chemotherapy is like the hangover from a college drinking party.. from hell.  You know, the party where you had two too many vodka and orange juices and you woke up with a fuzzy recollection of who you spoke with or possibly had sex with?  That hangover.

Or so I've heard. 


  1. Chemo is worse, though, because with a hangover you can at least get poutine or IHOP or just have ramen or toast. Chemo makes you queasy for way longer.

    Although maybe chemo is better, because there are no awkward meetings later on in the grocery store with people you're not sure you remember all *that* well.

  2. Vodka is the devil for me. This is like a never-ending vodka hangover for me.

  3. Actually I don't know what a hangover is like having never had any alcohol....but I have seen a lot of my friends suffering so I know it's not good. I am back...I have a computer working again and I am not traveling and my prayers have never stopped for you! I am wondering if I can come see you in April? I won't stay at your house and bother you that way....but I have been trying to save up enough to fly out...get a hotel and come see you and do something fun to celebrate the end of the chemos by then? I am still catching up on all the blogs I've missed....and I have no real excuses except yukky stuff going on with some friends here. I am trying to be the supportive friend here like you have there for you! Ah this thing we call life can get so complicated....and yet it can be so simple at the same time. Family, friends, love, service and's all the best and we all learn that receiving is oftentimes so much more difficult than giving....but we all need to take turns with both! You are incredible with your gift of sharing your thoughts and feelings and have no idea how much it is helping me to help my friends here going through chemo. And your spunk gives all of us spunk....I love you for that Lara! Hugs...Cathy Runyan