Friday, December 10, 2010

Chemo 1.5

My sister from another mister, Amber, came with me to this round of chemotherapy.  I was very nervous that I was going to have another allergic reaction and I wanted a fellow cancer warrior wtih me if that happens.  The oncologist ordered  a whole bunch of premeds for me this time around since I had the allergic reaction last time.  I had more steroids, Benadryl, etc.  The Benadryl made me all sorts of loopy.  I think next time I'm going to bring my iPod with me and a sleeping mask to try and catch some Zs.

My chemo nurse kept telling me, "No reactions from you this time, alright?"  "Ha, okay.  I'll try."  She told me that I had her very scared last time: "I even ran to get help."  Oy, yeah, I remembered that.  This one woman, whose husband is receiving treatment, said to me when I was finishing up, "You were that girl who had the reaction last time."  "Ha, yep.  That would be me."  "I remember you.  First you turned red and then you turned blue."  Ughhhhh, that didn't make me feel cheery.

I ended up being okay with abraxane.  This morning, I feel like shit, like I drank way too much last night.  Ha, my chemo nurse told me that her and the other nurse were saying, "If Dr. [Unibrow] wanted to challenge the taxotere again, they knew a guy named Guido would take 'talk' some sense into my doctor."  Hahaha.  I asked, "Oh you guys wouldn't have given that to me?"  "Nope, none of us would.  We were all glad when he moved to something else."  Moral of the story: don't fuck with nurses.

I get my Neulasta shot tonight, which means I won't be very mobile for the next couple of days.  Fun times. 

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