Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is it November yet?

At the end of September, I decided, "Hey, I should take pictures of all the pink items that come across my path."  You know, after awhile, I had to stop because it never ends, it seems.  Damn you, Pinktober.  You got me.  You are too much beast for me to slay.

The ad doesn't even say if proceeds go to anywhere.... at all.  It's just an almost $60-moisturizer that slapped a pink ribbon on it.

Yoplait and Breast Cancer Action tussled before - read about it here.

THIS DOESN'T EVEN GO TO A BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CHARITY!!!!!  I don't even know what Entertainment Industry Foundation does.  A foundation that gives to other foundations?

This is what I encountered just trying to fly from Pittsburgh to Kansas City, complete with pink balloons as I checked in for my flight.

I just walked into a Hyvee store and holy crap, pink tchtokes everywhere.  You can be head to toe pink if you want!

"Show me your tits... oh wait, sorry, ma'am."

Here, you can have awareness tissues to dab away the tears that all this pink crap causes you.  Yes, I'm crying too.

Uh, men can get breast cancer, too.  Brothers, fathers, grandfathers....

Is it really support if your shoes cover up these socks?

Push pins?  Really?

Even my inbox isn't safe from Pinktober.

Lastly, I'm going to sanitize my hands from all this pink crap with pink anti-bacterial soap.

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