Tuesday, October 22, 2013


After I asked a group of young adults with cancer for their story, Frances was one of the first people to reach out to me.  This is her story.


I was 32 when I got diagnosed. I had noticed a lump about a year before dx but with hectic life and not imagining it, the observation was dismissed. A year earlier also I was with a lover who noticed a milky discharge coming from my nipple, but that only happened a couple times, and again, dismissed. I was feeling exhausted the months leading up to my diagnosis and the final straw came after having to leave a party one night because of shooting lower back pain and dizziness.  I went to a gynecologist who told me I was fine, and never did a breast exam. About a week later, after not feeling fine, I remembered the lump and told a friend who urged me to get a referral for a mammo, which I did, and they found it right away. I was in later intermediate stage. I had also had two unexplained pancreatitis the year before my diagnosis. Also I had a deficiency in vitamin D.  That's all I knew was wrong before my diagnosis. 

Hope this helps.  I too got sick of the "but you're so young line."  I had it for a while before that and I was younger, visiting doctors and no one caught it, so, go figure. 

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