Thursday, October 17, 2013


Next up is Becca H.'s story.  Please visit her blog Becca's Battle to get to know this beautiful woman better.  Here is her story in her words:

I am 27 now, 26 when diagnosed.  I was diagnosed stage 2a initially because lymph node biospy and MRI/pet were clear but ended up stage 2b after mastectomy with sentinel node coming back with mircomets. I am triple negative.

I felt a lump myself and it was passed off as a cyst by doctors for 3 months by ultrasound until it grew bigger, and they recommending aspirating it. I didn't think cancer until they went to aspirate it and it was solid not fluid. My mom did have cancer four years ago but tested negative for the gene, as did I.  My PCP who is also a family friend who had breast cancer pushed me to do early mammos for years and I never did making the excuse that my mom didnt have the gene. Boy was I wrong and maybe had I listened we would have caught it sooner.

Listen to your gut and your body. I wish i had the first time and may have caught my cancer sooner rather than allowing a doctors advice of it being a cyst and to just let it be for months. If there is something there-benign, cyst or not -it's not supposed to be there, I would always get it checked and removed just to be sure, because you're not too young-as I found out the hard way.


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