Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Going Back to Work

I'm very happy to report that I'll be returning to work on July 3rd, exactly six weeks after my double mastectomy.  One might think I'd be dreading going back to work.  Oh no no, quite the opposite.  I'm very excited to be heading back to work.  I'm getting my life back, y'all.

I've already been off work three months when I was first diagnosed, and now add six weeks on top of that.  I'd say 4.5 months of sitting around my house, being sick or injured, is enough "Lara" time.  I'm done.  I had an expansion appointment today, causing my chest area to hurt so much to warrant a pain pill.  I have one or two more expansions left, and I'm likely having my last surgery in early to mid August.  I can still work in the meantime while I finish this out.  

I like my company.  My bosses and managers have been nothing but accommodating to me during these two years.  I get along with my coworkers, and I have the fortunate ability to be able to work from home a lot.  Or pretty much whenever I want.  My company isn't some gossipy place or mean spirited.  We're all friendly and sometimes even hang out together after work hours.  My one coworker and I get off on television or movie discussions when either one of us needs a break.  I'm looking forward to getting back and interacting with everyone again.

I'm also looking forward to just increased human interaction.  I feel as if I have been stuck in my house because derp, I have been home bound for most of this time.  I've spent a lot of time at the dog park with Boomer dog, so I do look tan, like "Herrm, maybe she's not so sick, eh?"  I swear I am/was!  Taking Boomer to the dog park requires little physical effort on my part, so it's been ideal for me during my time off. I get out of the house, and Boomer gets exercise and socialization.

It will also be nice to have something more to talk about than my damn boobs, lack of boobs, re-emergence of boobs or any other topic regarding boobs, bronchitis or something sick-related.  I can talk about work, like anything interesting or what's going on in finance.  I won't be just sickie Lara who stays home a lot.  I can dive back into the world of finance, which interests me a great deal.

Also, I can start saving a bit of money, so my boyfriend and I can go on a big, tropical vacation within the year.  

I got planz and dreamz, yo.

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  1. Planz and dreamz are the best!!! :) Have fun at work, when you go back. I'm posta do the peachtree on the 4th, hoping I don't kill over!