Sunday, April 15, 2012

I really believe that if you're blogging about your illness and you start soliciting donations, then you have to be forthcoming with information.  You also can't be a dick if someone challenges the validity of your story.  People lie on the Internet all the damn time for whatever reasons.  If someone who is following your story and thinks, "Hmm, this doesn't sound right," then BACK UP YOUR CLAIM OR GTFO.  

I have been blogging about my cancer since September 2010 but I have never asked for money.  As of right now, I don't believe I ever will.  However, if someone began to challenge me about whether or not I was telling the truth, I could back my shit up with know how and pictures.  Hell, even some of the videos I made after each of my chemos.  

Rules are different once you start asking for money, especially if your way of receiving said money is a fucking Paypal account.  (This doesn't apply to W & T who once used a Paypal account... because they could back up their claims easily.)

Cry me a river.

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