Friday, March 23, 2012

Story behind [my last name] Rules!

As many teenagers in the 1990s, I was a fan of Adam Sandler comedies.  Back before Jack & Jill and Little Nicky, he made a couple of funny movies, including Billy Madison.  Like many people in their teens and 20s, I watched this movie numerous times.  The line that always stuck with me was: "O'DOYLE RULES!"

In my mid-20s, I used to go to various bars and parties with my friend, Kerri.  One night, I joked to her that she should yell, "[My last name] rules!" and then I would go, "DAMN RIGHT, I DO."  I don't think we ever did do that at the party.  To be honest, we might have done that but I was just too drunk to remember what happened this many years later.

Then [my last name] Rules! slowly transformed into something I'd say when I would be really proud about something I said, did or if I just wanted to troll someone's Facebook.

I just got my yearly review and it was all positive.  [My last name] rules!  

I got Boomer to shake on command. [My last name] rules!

I hit my head off my car door.  [My last name] rules?

It was always something silly I'd say because I'm a silly girl who loves silly things.  I remember my dad joking that it sounded like it meant, "These are my rules and you must follow them."  That inspired a lot of jokes but never caught on.

Then after I got sick, I would say [My last name] rules! as a way to rally the crowds.  Well, here is a girl facing a horrible disease that killed her mother, but it's all good.  She is still her same old self.  

I never would have imagined that a silly joke that came from an Adam Sandler would be a long-running joke that would catch on among friends, family (trying to get my brothers' kids to start saying it) and hell, even some of my coworkers.  

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