Monday, March 12, 2012

Morning Blahness

Before I began work today, I had to stop at my PCP's office this morning for blood work.  I have an appointment next week for the doctor to see if my thyroid levels are okay.  I'm going to make this prediction now: I think I'm hypothyroid right now.  My fingernails are ucky, I've gained a couple of pounds (damn you, tight pants) and feel depressed.  

Anyway, the very nice nurse didn't know that she was going to begin her day torturing a cancer survivor.  But she did.  Holy schnikes, tortured me she sure did.  I presented my left arm for the dreaded sticking and it started out great.  It ended badly.  My vein rolled because no blood was coming out.  SHE LEFT THE NEEDLE IN AND DUG AROUND A BIT.  

Why the would you do that to a cancer survivor who immediately lets you know her veins are shot to hell and back?   This body is no longer equipped to handle exploratory digging.  My body was unsurprisingly tense the whole digging episode, which probably lasted 10 or 15 seconds but felt like forever.   She took the needle out and I thought I had relaxed before she stuck me for the second time.  


During the successful second stick, I could feel myself feeling really lightheaded and slightly nauseous.  Since feeling lightheaded was the first sign I felt when I went into anaphylaxis, I immediately see that as DANGER DANGER, GIRL YOU IN DANGER.

I told the nurse, "I'm probably going to faint."

She took my warning seriously and had me lay down in time.  The lightheaded feeling became worse and I had to lay there for 10 minutes before feeling okay to drive.  

The moral of the story: never let a nurse dig around for a vein, especially if you know your veins can roll away and hide.  I almost passed out because I was too nice to tell the nurse, "Cut that shit out!"  

No mas.

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