Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My story

I decided to write My Cancer Story.   Let me emphasize that I'm not writing it because I think I am going to publish my super-exciting story about that one time I had cancer.  Haha, oh my stars, no.  My story is like the million others of people who had cancer.  My story is not crazy nor sexy nor cool.  I didn't meet any handsome strangers and experienced The World's Greatest Love Story While Cancerings.  I definitely didn't have any Terms of Endearment moments where I told my loved ones that I loved them and to take care of each other.  

Haha, no.  

My Cancer Story is the story of a 30 year old woman who got diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and experienced ten months of medical torture.  

I decided to write My Cancer Story because I need to get these words out of my head.  From age 14 up until when I was diagnosed at 30, I wrote in a journal on a regular basis.  For long stretches of time, I would even write every day.  It was my therapy.  Sure I've blogged since my diagnosis, but I don't write all the details and feelings that came with being sick.  This has been Writing Lite - no therapeutic qualities whatsoever.  I feel compelled to write about my story so I can finally process all that happened to me.  I can let myself really put all that emotional crap that I've been carrying with me for months and just move on.  That's all I want.

Right now, I've just written snippets here and there, and I'm already at 5,000 words.  I plan on using the blog as a great outline as to what happened and then I'll dig deep into my crazy craziness to fill in the rest.  When I feel that I'm completely done with it, then I'll go from there.

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