Sunday, June 12, 2011


I think it's a good sign when a cancer patient isn't updating her cancer blog, especially toward the end of the treatment.  Yep, the end is finally and freaking near.  I went back to work two weeks ago, and have been going for my radiation treatment every day.  Last Friday marked my 18th out of 35th treatment.... also known as the halfway point.  I have 17 more treatments to go, 7 of which are boost/booster shots.  The tech told me it's as if they are giving my skin and exhaustion a break for a bit. 

Right now, my affected breast looks like it has a mild sunburn.  If I wear a bra for too long, then I have found myself scratching it or trying to rub it in some socially unacceptable way.  It gets so itchy and irritable, like my boob is a giant pile of the pain scratchies.  To the casual observer, it probably looks like I don't have good personal hygiene.  "That poor girl is scratching her boob.  Why doesn't she take a shower?"   I've been putting Aquaphor and now aloe vera on it like crazy.  I think it's helping or at least, I hope it's helping.

One of the advantages of working while going through radiation: these treatments are just flying by.  I can't believe we reached the halfway mark already.  The downside: my house is looking like complete utter chaos.  My bathrooms look like a disaster zone and the laundry has piled up.  I don't like to let things go around the house, even for a week or so.  I just have to until radiation is over with because I'm so incredibly tired and exhausted with my work schedule back into my life.

When I'm done with treatment (scheduled for July 6), I plan on having a potluck/housewarming party that never was on that date.  When this day comes, I expect the following to happen:

And maybe this:

Who's with me?

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