Thursday, April 21, 2011

And the winner is...

What a week.  I had my first consultation on Tuesday, and that was with my radiation oncologist.  I am going to name this doctor Duke Nuke'm (thanks twin).  Out of all of my doctors, I like this one the most or maybe I'm seeing him in a super favorable light because he's spearheading the final phase of my treatment.  He recommended that I have my thyroid removed prior to radiation.

Which leads us to my Wednesday doctor's appointment.  I met with the surgeon who specializes in thyroids.  He agreed that it's time to take my thyroid out, and we scheduled my thyroid removal for this Tuesday (only two days before my birthday).  I don't care - the thyroid has to come out soon so I can still start radiation within the recommended time frame.  This body part of mine has been a pain in the ass for too long, so it needs to GTFO now.

I know I've written about this before but I'm done celebrating my birthday.  I wanted 30 to be my last birthday celebration, and that's still the case.  30 had some awesome moments - jet skiing, parasailing, white water rafting, getting a puppy.  30 also had some really shitty moments, so it seems almost appropriate for me to end this year drugged out of my mind on pain killers, haha.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 31 is the year I get stronger and on my way to recovery.

How I'll celebrate my birthday.

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  1. Thank God for video game inspiration - otherwise I totally would have never even thought of Duke Nuke'em.