Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dance monkey, DANCE!

I love to dance.  It’s something I don’t admit all too often because it might come with the expectation that I might be good at dancing.  When I’m out in public or at my little hippy shows, it would take many beers to get me to dance in front of others without caring or thinking, “THEY ARE JUDGING ME.  STOP JUDGING ME!”  I am the nerdiest Midwestern girl you’ll find, and I love to dance.  I just bought an iPod touch and have been loading it with guilty pleasure songs (for example: Britney Spears …. DON’T JUDGE ME) this morning.  

Last night, I put my headphones on and I did some of my moves to James Brown (PAYBACK) and Marvin Gaye.  Boomer probably thought I had gone nuts or was in some physical pain, motioning for someone to come help me.  Well, part of that is true.  I'm starting to get the side effect of neuropathy so sometimes my feet feel numb/pain.  I don't care.  When I dance, I feel happy and carefree.  I also feel my heart rate going up so right now, that’s two awesome things about dancing like an asshole in the privacy of your own kitchen.  

I am going to keep dancing as much as I can to get my physical activity level up from its current state of Zero.  I’m also going to keep dancing like a jackass as much as I can to remind myself that while I may be a sick cancer patient, I am still a nerdy Midwestern girl who loves to dance.  Neither cancer nor chemotherapy can take that away from me.

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  1. Dancing - both by one's self and with others - is one of the greatest pleasures in life. ENJOY IT!!! You can even call me and we can have crazy dancing parties - both of us in our respective living rooms. Yup, that's right. Much love...