Monday, December 13, 2010


If my chemos all happen on time and when they should, I should be done with it March 24.  I have to do radiation after that so that means I should hopefully be done with all this by the first week of May?  Hmmm.  Just in time for me to do Race for the Cure that month, huh.  

Also - I think my hair luck is running out.  My scalp has been super itchy and extra sensitive lately.  It's beginning to look like a bald Christmas.  I swear if anyone wants to take a candid picture of me when I'm bald/rockin the scarf, I'm going to use any energy I have to tackle you to the ground (that includes you, old man - don't think I won't do it).  I hated having my picture taken before and certainly won't enjoy it afterwards.   Ask my permission and if I say no, don't take the picture anyway.

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