Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Last Pre-Chemo Weekend

So much to do, so little time.

I wanted to treat my last weekend before I start chemotherapy as a combination farewell to my old life and getting ready for my new, albeit temporary, life.  Friday night, while still recovering from my first pre-shot, I went out and hung out with a friend of mine at this dive bar in Etna.  If there was a dive bar beauty pageant, this bar could seriously place high.  I spent a lot of time at this bar in my past so it was appropriate that it was a final stop of mine.

I have found that I tend to speak about two subjects: my house or my cancer.  That's it.  I'm like a new parent who can't stop speaking about their baby, even when you wish they would.  "Man, can't they think about anything else?"  At least when it comes to me and my cancer, no I cannot.  I can't seem to shelve the cancer to the side and talk about something else.  Believe me, I wish I could but it's all I think about. 

Friday night, I was talking to complete strangers about breast cancer and chemotherapy.  "Hi, my name is Lara.  I have breast cancer."  I met a lady that night who I might have cut my hair super short in a couple of weeks just to prepare myself against the inevitable hair loss.  After writing this, I plan on dying my hair an insane red color, like Bozo the Clown red.  Then two weeks after chemo, I plan on cutting it boy hair cut short.  That way when it falls out, it's not long strands of hair.  As you can tell, I'm trying to divorce myself from my hair and my appearance.

Saturday - I spent five hours outside raking leaves.  The weather was fantastic and it felt great that my able-bodied self was doing something so physical.  I wanted to get as much yard work done as possible because I actually enjoy doing it.  Plus, it needs to get done.  I spent a lot of time and money making sure my yard looks okay.  I will not let my yard go back to what it used to be and have us be "those neighbors" again.  While raking, Levin Furniture came and delivered the furniture that my sweetie and I bought last weekend.  Ahhhhhhh.  It's pretty damn awesome.  I now have a place to sit and eat, and I have multiple chair options while watching television.  I love it.  My place feels like a home now.

Last night.... My boyfriend dropped me off at this bar/restaurant in the North Side to celebrate my one friend's birthday.  I haven't really drank much or barely at all since being diagnosed.   I figured one night of celebration and frivolity isn't going to kill me (ha!).  My sweetie was kind enough to drop me off and pick me up so I could drink and not worry about driving.  The music last night was pretty fun and I had a blast.  The bands were bluegrass and I had a heckuva time dancing and grooving.  On top of that, I was able to see a couple of friends who I might not see for awhile.

Today I'm going to dye my hair and get the upstairs cleaned and ready.  I want to try and get everything clean and disinfected as much as I can.  Hopefully I can get laundry done and get groceries in the next couple of days.  I would love love love some quality time with a furry beagle.  Maggie makes problems wash away.

Question: flu shot - yay or nay?  I've never had one before but I'm nervous as the possibility of getting the flu when my immune system is shot to hell.  Daddio - I know you read this: what is your thoughts?  (I'm awaiting your text message.)


  1. LOVE the hair idea.

  2. Go for the flu shot. I just got one, my second year. It truly is for the people around you as much for yourself. They told me it takes a couple of weeks to become fully effective...

    If you head over to my blog that shall not be named you'll see what I did to my hair. I thought of you the whole time she was cutting it off.