Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Ball's Now Rolling

Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves an official chemotherapy start date: November 18th at 10:15 am.  No more waiting.  It's definitely going to happen.  I'm meeting with my oncologist on Friday to discuss what I can expect and what's going to happen next week.   The nurse told me yesterday that the infusion will last 5-1/2 hours.  Holy schnikes.  I'm going to get some good quality reading done during those times, I can already tell.

I'm not excited to start chemotherapy.  As the wise Cher says, "IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME...."  My biggest fear and concern right now are those little tiny cancer cells that may be floating around in my body and waiting for their time to strike.  I want to kill all those buggers and help increase my odds of NOT having a reoccurence.  I want to be a good statistic for once.  I feel like my best bet is to go after this cancer now guns blazing and torch everything... in hopes that it was aggressive enough to do the trick. 

I opted not to have a double mastectomy now because I am BRAC negative and the cancer was caught early.  I don't want to have surgeries, especially major ones, unless I have to have it done.  However, if this bastard comes back in the future, I'll say bye bye to my girls and not give it a second thought. 

The other good thing that happened: my insurance company is covering this medication that is going to help preserve my fertility.  Chemotherapy could very well kick me into early menopause, and this drug is my best (and affordable) bet to prevent that.  Both the specialist I saw and my oncologist thought that the insurance might not cover it but they are going to!  Hot dog!  I have to pay a $40 copay each time but I don't care.  That's better than paying for it outright.  $120 or $160 is a lot better than a couple of grand.  If I could, I would run around the block pumping my fists in the air while shouting, "LARA IS THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD." 

Hmmm, I just got another T-shirt idea.

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